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Honeywell with $ 480 million acquisition of the company XTRALIS

Data De publicação:2018-08-08

Recently, Honeywell announced a $ 480 million company completed the acquisition of Xtralis, a move that will help Honeywell's enhanced strength on the detector, which help enhance infrastructure security and reduce the extent of damage to the infrastructure of the enterprise.

Xtralis (Xtralis) ASD is a leader in remote video surveillance and intrusion threats of fire, perimeter intrusion sensors, video analysis software experts. His company's computing software platform enables workflow around solutions to better service for the end customer. As the world aspirating smoke detectors, advanced border security technology and video analysis software provider, Honeywell will greatly enhance in this business.

"The acquisition of Xtralis is a strategic adjustment of our current product mix of fire detectors, fire and intrusion risk for advanced border security technology and video analysis software for remote visual verification brings unique capabilities and customer solutions." Honeywell Vail and fire safety Davidpaja CEO, said "the acquisition will help us expand Xtralis critical infrastructure protection (CIP) to promote our business and strong growth in the coming years."

Xtralis said its aspirating smoke detector solution to protect a lot of Fortune 500 companies and critical infrastructure, in order to speed up response time and minimize equipment damage and potential threats to hurt provide reminders and visualization. While Honeywell is a Fortune 100 diversified technology and manufacturing leader, serving customers worldwide with aerospace products and services; can greatly help the company expand the market share, but also can reduce the risk.

Xtralis will be unified into Honeywell's Automation and Control Solutions business group strategy. Experts, safety testing of industrial automation and control systems reflect its role as very large. The acquisition will greatly enhance the economic strength of the two sides, widening the level of development of the two sides in their respective fields


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