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China has independently developed ultra-deep gas desulfurization technology to drive success

Data De publicação:2018-08-08

Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics March 26 news release, recently, that the extension of the oil cooperation with research and development of super gasoline deep desulfurization technology in Shandong Hengyuan Petroleum and Chemical Corporation 400,000 tons / year scale producer V standard gasoline drive success.

Gasoline ultra deep catalytic fixed bed adsorption desulfurization combination technique (YD-CADS process) is DICP Li Can Academician Jiang Zongxuan researchers led research team based on basic, applied basic research on more than ten years, in 2013 and Yanchang Petroleum Group Cooperation the successful development of industrial technology. China Petroleum Chemical Industry Association organized experts to identify the outcome that the technology with independent intellectual property rights, the international initiative, leading the overall level of similar technology.

Shandong Hengyuan Petroleum and Chemical Corporation 400,000 tons / year of heavy gasoline deep desulfurization device using YD-CADS catalytic process, started construction in early 2015, a successful trial operation by the end of 2015, all the devices currently running the indicators of stability, the production of gasoline desulfurization products ⅴ gasoline to meet the national quality standards.


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