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Pentair Valves & Controls Introduces New KEYSTONE OS 1700 knife gate valve

Data De publicação:2017-05-07

April 12, 2016 Shanghai released, Pentair Valves & Controls launch a new bi-directional, zero leakage, in line with ASME150 pressure rating of knife gate Keystone OS1700, the knife gate valve is designed for mining, oil sands and other different paper providing superior performance of high-pressure conditions of industry.

Keystone OS1700 knife gate valve combines Pentair Valves & Controls nearly 50 years of experience and the latest technology and engineering methods in the slurry knife gate valve development.

Pentair Valves & Darrel DesRochers control knife gate valve product manager, said: "Full bore round advanced seat design allows passage surrounded by resilient seat surrounded runner around, minimize vibration and extend the use of the valve life, the protection of the downstream piping and equipment. "

The new OS1700 knife gate valve is also suitable for installation at full rated pressure and the inlet end of the line. Compared with other types of knife gate valves, compact design conforms to MSS-SP135, needs little maintenance able to achieve greater reliability.

DesRochers added: "For the high pressure slurry and the oil sands and other challenging conditions, Keystone OS1700 is ideal for some customers want an effective solution that can prevent fluid wear on the knife gate valves and related equipment, the new Keystone. OS1700 will be their best choice .MSS-SP135 short end structure size and MSS-SP81 standards match, so the knife gate valve upgrades and installations will become very easy. "

United States, Latin America and Asia Pacific, including China, customers can now purchase NPS2-48 (DN50-1200) of Keystone OS1700 knife gate valve. Synthetic rubber seat has precision molded EPDM, HNBR, GUM three options, the valve can be run with up to 400 oF (200 oC) of.


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