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China's three generations of nuclear power equipment with self-independence of welding material for

Data De publicação:2017-10-07

March 31, 2016, by the Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Research and Design Institute (hereinafter referred to as the Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Institute) and Sichuan Atlantic Welding Materials Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to Sichuan Atlantic) jointly developed the "nuclear power equipment and installation of low alloy steel, stainless steel welding materials, "passed the achievement appraisal China nuclear Energy industry Association, marking the major projects identified three generations of nuclear power equipment welding material has fully realized the localization and autonomy.

Key stabling welding materials of nuclear power plant equipment manufacturing and installation of the main process used in almost all need foreign imports. 2012, the major projects supported by Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Institute jointly ATLANTIC, Harbin Welding Research Institute, China First Heavy Industries, China Steel Institute and other units jointly launched a nuclear power equipment welding materials development work, the full realization of welding materials domestically. Through four years of hard work to complete covering all eight categories, 20 kinds of welding materials research task, to solve the ultra-pure weld metal smelting, trace elements control, grasp the molding process and other technical difficulties, mastered nuclear grade welding materials prepared key technologies, the formation of a special grade of welding materials and product manufacturing process control documents, to fill the gap, the technical performance reached the international advanced level, the steel containment vessel submerged arc welding wire cross / flux for the international initiative. Welding materials products by the third-party verification of the performance indicators to meet the requirements of third generation nuclear power technology, there are six kinds of welding materials product realization engineering applications, 15 applications for invention patents, technical secrets identified 13.

Deputy general manager of the State Nuclear Power, Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Academy, the chief architect of major projects PWR Zheng Mingguang said that nuclear power equipment successfully developed welding materials, is the second large forgings, U-tube evaporator localization and an important breakthrough; also called on the parties to pay attention to major projects such as the results of welding materials and product applications, the development of technology to maintain momentum, continuing to enhance the technical level, supporting three generations of nuclear power plants safe, reliable and efficient development.

Day, Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Institute and Sichuan Atlantic organized to build a "nuclear welding materials research and development centers," the opening ceremony. R & D center based in Sichuan Atlantic Welding Industrial Park, covers an area of 933 acres, invested 1.8 billion yuan, with an annual output of 25,000 tons after the completion of welding materials of nuclear power production capacity.

Environmental Protection Department of Nuclear and Radiation Safety Center, the State Nuclear Power Technology Corporation, Mechanical Engineering Research Institute, the country's nuclear demonstration power plant, Shanghai Electric, Harbin Power reloading, Oriental heavy machine, Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Institute and Sichuan Atlantic and other unit leaders and experts attended the appraisal and witnessed the ceremony.


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