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Asia Pacific LNG demand will increase by 2025, or 245 million tons

Release time:2018-08-07

According to Platts Singapore April 12 reported that the governor of Western Australia, Australia Colin Barnett • 12 at Perth, said the Western Australian Department of State Development estimated that LNG demand in Asia Pacific in 2020 and 2025 from 2014 in about a substantial increase to 180 million tons and 245 million tons 225 million tons respectively.

Barnett was speaking of the five-day LNG conference in Perth, Western Australia held. He said that in the past 10 years, LNG demand in Asia Pacific more than doubled. The industry may be cyclical, sometimes unstable, but the long-term growth trend is undeniable.

He said the Asia-Pacific region has consumed three-quarters of the world's LNG exports, however, in this market, natural gas accounted for only about 10% of power generation in China and India, only 5% and less than 5%.

Barnett added that through economic development and the government's policy decisions, future growth prospects are obvious.


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